Medicare Advantage Plans: Providing benefits to senior citizens

With few people making overzealous marketing efforts, few Medicare Advantage Plans might have lately gotten bad rap rather than the original plans. It is necessary for CMS (Center for Medicaid and Medicare) to approve all Advantage plans. Services are to be offered equal to or much better than the services that are offered by conventional Part A & B Medicare. These plans do offer beneficial services over that of Part A & B.

Issues faced by Medicare Advantage Plans

There has been recent flak over Advantage plans with regards to a plan known as Private Fee for Service (PFFS). Such plans are known to allow easy access to choice of Medicare plan or ‘any doc’. The issue here is that the medical provider or the physician is required to accept as well as bill the plan. as few plans were quite new, the medical providers such as therapists, physicians and hospitals were not aware of the plans. It did cause issues, since the enrolled member required to file a bill with the insurance provider rather than getting the medical provider to perform it. Many Medicare recipients did face issues with it.

About other types of Medicare Advantage Plans

HMO (Health Maintenance Organizations) & PPO (Preferred Provider Organizations) are being availed for a long time. such Advantage plan types do make use of network physicians as well as other medical providers who have agreed already to participate with the plans. With the plan members using their ID cards, they will not experience issues during billing. Medicare HMO and PPO members, in general, do express immense satisfaction with the health plans.

Combining federal incentives and private competition does allow private plans in offering health plans which delivery good quality healthcare and help the recipients to save a good amount of money. The networks assumed to be restrictive once, do ensure better understanding by the medical providers and their agreeing to the system, thus helping smooth overall functioning of the system. Such plans generally include Prescription or Part D of Medicare.

Who is satisfied with Medicare Advantage Plans?

Medicare Advantage in 2018 are found appealing to those having moderate income structure. The disabled and seniors being on fixed income are likely to find Medicare Supplements to be a real burden. But many seniors having larger income can participate in Advantage plans, as they avail it from the same provider who carried their old individual or group health plans. Moreover, they find it comfortable to be with in-network medical providers.