The different types of Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans or Part C plans are considered to be recent additions made in the healthcare industry for the benefit of senior citizens of the country. Part A of Medicare is said to pay for the recipient’s nursing home charges, home based medical or hospice care, in-patient hospital stay, etc. Part B of Medicare is known to cover almost all medical expenses (ambulance, blood, etc) of the patient. Advantage plans tend to take the very best features from both Part A & B along with prescription medicine cost.

Increasing popularity

The truth is Medicare Advantage Plans in 2018 are found to be increasing in popularity among shoppers, due to the tremendous benefits that it has to offer the holders. By purchasing this plan, the recipients are in a position to stay at the hospital if required for extra days, pay less to avail prescription drugs or for doctor’s visits. Also, primary physician referral is not required and the person is allowed to visit hospital or doctor of choice without the referral.

This type of plan can be availed without any difficulty, since it is available across the country offered by private insurance providers. Part A & B, under the law is necessary to get incorporated into the Medicare Advantage Plans.

Types of Medicare Advantage Plans

The Advantage plan could be a PPO plan, Private Fee for Service Plan, HMO plan or Private Fee For Service. The popular choice among Medicare recipients is HMO plan, especially those eager to pay just the minimum out of pocket costs and required to pay zero or low monthly premiums. But HMO plans can be availed only in Metropolitan areas having Medicare recipients in large numbers.

Private Fee for Service Plans or Medicare PFFS allows the recipients to visit any hospital or doctor of choice anywhere within the country.  This plan type surprisingly is found to be immensely popular among recipients.

Currently, around 98% of the counties in the country are being offered with Advantage plans from 15% counties way back in 1996, which is a significant increase. Statistics on Advantage plans conducted in 2007 have revealed that the average citizen pays monthly approximately $736 in premiums, even though actual monthly payments among states may vary between $500+ and $800.

Again Medicare policy holders not facing Kidney failure or End Stage Renal Disease are likely to qualify for Advantage plans. However, in some counties, even those suffering from kidney failure are being offered with such plans.